Message by Naoko Jin, Ms, Executive Director of BFP

“I’ve never wanted to see any Japanese!”

These words thrown to me by a Filipina victim of the Pacific War in this first visit prompted me to start an organization BFP, Bridge for Peace.

What could I do as a Japanese?

As I considered this question, I eventually came up with an answer, which was to deliver local Filipino people messages from Japanese veterans.

New encounters were born through this project so that I gradually became confident of the positive energy obtained through establishing “exchanges” and “bonds”

We continued our activities of delivering messages by film shows followed by Q&A sessions both in the Philippines and Japan during the past seven years, which expanded the circle of communication.

2010 was the year in which our group gained the status of corporate body, giving a good opportunity to look back and reflect on ourselves.

In addition, I was invited to present a film and to speak at an international forum in Canada, a new country for me, where I could meet with NPO members from various countries and discuss our activities with them.

This experience made me realize,
“Japanese people absolutely must share knowledge on Japan’s Asia Pacific War as a common factor of our education.”


Welcoming advice and suggestions from friends, supporters and professionals, our organization has decided on our policy of developing projects, with Education and Workshop as leading concept.

BFP is going to construct foundation on which we will be able to
provide seminars entitled,
“Workshops to know the Asia Pacific War and seek hints for Future Approach.”
                                                  Executive Director, Naoko Jin

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Our Mission

We record messages from war survivors
and acknowledge our past through workshops.
To prepare for the future, what we must do today
is to build a bridge between Japan and the rest of Asia
and bring together those who experienced the war
with the generation of tomorrow.

Video Message
Bridge For Peace(BFP)started as a group to bring Filipino war survivors and Japanese ex-soldiers closer by listening to and recording their experiences and creating a video message to exchange between them. Currently we are expanding our activities to Korean Peninsula, China and some other Asian countries.

We create opportunities to “discuss wars of the past and on how to shape the future” through workshops where different ideas meet and synergy is created by all participating members.

Bridge for Peace
We work to develop connections for people across all generations and borders, to build a bridge between Asian nations and the wider world and acknowledge our Past, Today, and the Future so that we will create a peaceful society without war.

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